5 Unusual Ways Online English Training Improves Communication Skills

5 Unusual Ways Online English Training Improves Communication Skills

Speaking skills are developed over time. One aspect of verbal communication skills is having a range of vocabulary. Another is knowing which tone of voice to use depending on the situation. Online English lessons that engage employees and challenge them to think outside of the box develop improvisation skills. Unusual exercises taught in online English training will help employees develop a natural rapport and improve their professional demeanor.

Talk to a Mirror before Online English Training

One part of online English training is practicing before class. Stand in front of a mirror and watch the way your mouth moves. This type of exercise taught in ESL classes online can help employees practice and identify mistakes they might be making.

Journal during Online English Training

Many employees in online English training probably kept a journal at some point or another. Spending 5 minutes writing at the start of online English training can get employees to start thinking in English. Journal entries can be read out loud at the start of corporate language lessons online so people can hear and react to what their classmates are saying in the same way that they would at a meeting.

Watch TV shows after Online English Training

It may seem counterintuitive to suggest watching tv to students in online English training. However, students can watch English comedy sketches and improv shows during English courses online as a fun activity. After class, challenge students to watch the same shows they usually do. Only now, in English.

Read Children’s Books for Online English Training Homework

Children’s books are great for employees in online English training to learn their reading level. After exposure to many different children’s stories, one fun assignment is asking employees to write their own. Teaching employees to create their own stories as they learn English for the workplace will push their language skills to the limits.

Creative Online English Training

Lastly, online English training asks employees to be creative. Part of speaking a new language is learning how to learn. Any activity that employees come up with themselves will always be the most effective lesson.



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