3 Advantages Of Live-Stream Remote English Training

Remote English training might seem like it's all the same regardless of where you go. How different can one course be when compared against all the others? As it turns out, quite a lot can be unique. When you think about online English training, you might think of companies like DuoLingo or Rosetta Stone. And while these companies are popular for a reason, business owners should have specific objectives in mind for their initiatives. So when it comes to selecting English courses for employees, it only makes sense then to choose the language training company that can exceed those specific expectations. Here's 3 ways our live-stream English training courses are unique, and 3 advantages of choosing us for all your corporate language training requirements...

What is it? Live-Stream remote English training brings the classroom wherever you are. Students learn from an actual instructor, in real-time, through video conference technology. It combines all the benefits of a traditional classroom learning environment, with the convenience of remote learning.

3 advantages of Live-stream remote English training

1. It is convenient

Employee English training is easily accessible for anyone with good WiFi connection. Maybe your business has employees traveling often for work or offices in multiple states, our LIVE webinar style courses allow everyone to access the classroom regardless of where they are. Especially for employees and businesses in remote areas, finding someone willing to make the commute isn't always feasible.

2. It is more effective & customizable

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English training for professionals can as specific as you need it to be. Whether your company requires ESL for construction workers that emphasizes safety trainings. Or you are searching for online English classes for a white collar company while centering professional skills trainings. We allow decision makers to create a customized English training curriculum that puts their needs and their employees first. And because our courses are taught live through an interactive video call, your employees will receive a more effective instruction, that actually applies to their professions rather than the "one-size-fits-all" approach from companies like Rosetta Stone or DuoLingo.

3. It improves turnover rate & could even be free

When employees are happy, your business performs better. Initiatives like corporate language training can help your company reduce turnover rates, and improve employee satisfaction. But the best part is, you might be eligible to receive English language training for free! With the opportunity to do good, and a zero cost to your company... isn't it worth looking into?

Our highly engaging In-Person English Training for employees and interactive Corporate English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Private and Group Corporate English Training. Get a Free Quote for your Industry Specific Onsite or Online English Classes for Companies.

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