3 Ways ESL Instructors Make Their Online ESL Classes Engaging and Fun

How Can ESL Instructors Make Their Online ESL Classes Engaging?

It’s not easy but definitely not impossible for ESL instructors to make their online ESL classes engaging and fun! When teaching English online to non-native speakers, it’s important to have lessons that are not only informative and helpful, but also engaging for your students! Do not worry, whether you’re a first time ESL teacher, or you’ve never taught in an online environment, here are some tips that will help you be an incredible online ESL in order to give your students the excitement and motivation to learn English online.

1. Fun and Interesting Visuals in Online ESL Classes

Utilizing visuals is a great way to keep students interested during online ESL classes. Some examples of interesting visuals include having fun photos, flashcards, and videos involved in the lesson plans. The key is to keep the students engaged, no matter the age.

2. Avoiding Too Much Text on the Screen in Online ESL Classes

Imagine sitting behind your laptop during online English Classes and you’re engulfed by pages and pages of text. Too much text is not only overwhelming, but also difficult to read. Utilize your visuals and space to separate large text paragraphs. Most ESL teachers find that incorporating links and PowerPoint presentations can help students easily maneuver the course concepts and can also review them later. That being said, ESL teachers can also incorporate technology into computer screen space. Fun examples include colorful PowerPoints and Prezis to make interesting and engaging content.

3. High Energy and Positive Praise in Online ESL Classes

Having high energy and creating a positive learning environment will do wonders for your online ESL classes. Encourage and support your students by helping them build their confidence and excitement during a lesson. If they do something well, shoot them a praise. Make sure to use constructive words to guide them when they make a mistake, instead of punishments. Overall, there are lots of ways to reward students when they do well in their online language class. Find ways to create creative reward systems that can be applied through a computer screen! No one is too young or old for a gold star!

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