8 Effortless Tips to Make Learning Spanish as Easy as Pie

Eating pie can be really easy, unless you don’t like pie. Learning a new language can also be easy as long as you make it fun.

Here are our quick tips that make learning a language as easy as pie…

1. Sing in the shower - studies show adults who sing words or short phrases from a foreign language while learning were twice as good at speaking it later. You would need some sort of foreign language training before you starting singing your favorite Spanish song, but singing can reinforce language skills.

2. Watch your favorite TV show- try finding the show in a foreign language the next time you decide to spend your day off sitting on the couch and watching Netflix. Chances are the show has a foreign counterpart if it’s popular.

3. Visit an authentic Mexican restaurant and order in the language- at the same time you can meet some new friends you could speak with and learn more about the culture that is connected with the language.  Baking a pie with using a Spanish recipe

4. Bake a pie with using a Spanish recipe - hopefully you know the language well enough to make your pie actually edible. If not, it could still be a fun and challenging experience that you’ll later laugh about looking back.

5. Change your phone language settings - you probably look at your phone more than you would like to admit. Of course a group language training class is the most efficient way to learn a language, but you could make the most of your time by being forced to use the language almost every second of the day.

6. Go on Wikipedia - do you ever spend your time procrastinating on work you need to get done by reading random articles on Wikipedia? Well you could still procrastinate and learn at the same time by reading those random articles in a foreign language. There are Wikipedia articles in 285 languages, so like always Wikipedia might be your solution to language instruction.

GPS voice commands in Spanish7. Use your GPS - you could also reply to your GPS in a foreign language if it has voice command ability. WARNING: This may enhance your knowledge of foreign curse words.

8. Listen to children’s music - songs made for kids usually start off with the most basic words of a language. Sing your ABC’s with Barney in Spanish and you should be an expert in no time.


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