Are Online Language Classes Like Apps?

Are Online Language Classes Like Apps?

Language learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel boast millions of users and have grown considerably in popularity. Every ad sings of success stories and a great curriculum, but just how professional and applicable are these programs? In contrast to online language apps, online language classes make professionalism and applicability a top priority. By working with native certified teachers in a groundbreaking online classroom environment, you’re sure to come out with the skills you need. Even at the occupational level, be it language lessons for employees or corporate ESL training, the results found in an online language course make the answer to this question simple.

Online Language Classes: Motivation Like No Other

Learning a language is like any new skill, as it requires consistent practice. However, this is easier said than done, especially if all it takes is a swipe up on a notification to get out of learning. With language apps, it’s far too easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed by the lack of structure. Under the direct guidance of an instructor within the focused environment of English classes online, finding that motivation and sense of direction becomes much easier. It’s the easiest thing to say no or give up with an app, but in a class you are encouraged to make mistakes and pushed to maximize your potential within a supportive environment.

Get Focused Learning with Online Language Classes

While language apps are created for general learning, online language classes allow you to get specific training in the terminology of certain occupational fields and environments. From topics such as academic language learning to English courses for companies, you can find what you’re looking for in the wide variety of options--language training courses for business, engineering, ESL, you name it. By studying a curriculum tailored to your career goals, coupled with an instructor certified in the field, you’re sure to get the focus you need.

The Ideal Environment is in Online Language Classes

As in-person classes aren’t much of an option right now, you may be wondering if a class investment is still worth it. Rest assured, for even in online language classes instant feedback and encouragement help to build the most important aspect of a language; speaking. Sure, there may be some apps that have the option of pairing you with natives, but it’s not for the entire learning experience. Moreover, it’s not nearly consistent enough to make any learner feel comfortable making mistakes, especially in front of a near-stranger. Learning under an instructor helps alleviate that discomfort with live feedback and encouragement. Also, you get the added benefit of working with someone who’s able to understand and adjust to your own learning style. In other aspects of the classroom too, working with others of similar goals and language levels is always comforting, as well as to work together, sharing ideas and mutual improvement.

Online Language Classes are Made to Work for YOU

No matter how many language professionals help in the development, an app can only work one way. We know by now that there are many different styles and methods of learning, and that no two people learn alike. So how can we expect an app to tackle it? You can only get so far repeating generic, ready-made phrases and vocabulary. In the environment of online language classes, flexibility is a key component, giving you the opportunity to ask specific questions and expect thorough explanations. Resources are limitless and readily available, provided not only by a full-bodied curriculum, but also trained professional instructors and their own experience. Can your app say the same?

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