How Business English Can Give Your Company the Boost it Needs

English is the de facto language used in today’s business world and is essential in the global economy that is becoming more and more competitive by the day. Learning Business English can be beneficial for an employer as well as an employee since it can lead to career advancement and business growth.

Business English Classes

English Can Transform a Workforce

There’s no doubt that a higher English proficiency within a workforce can lead to better business results. It allows people in the company to collaborate more effectively, more efficiently. It is important for people working in all branches of a company to know, “Where are we going as a company?” and “Why are we going there?” We live in a new age with cloud based solutions that give people throughout the world the ability to work together and collaborate. It can be difficult to collaborate if the people don’t have a common form of communication, which can stunt the advancement of a specific project. Many foreign people, especially in the United States, need the opportunity to progress as individuals and within the company they work for, so it is important that they get the proper training in order to reach their potential.

How do my employees reach their potential?

Business English ProgramThe higher you go in a company, the more you need to collaborate, especially in English. Since English is a widely spoken language, there are many different terms that some English speakers may or may not understand. A Business English training program is customizable to fit the needs of any student and can give them the skillset and terminology they need in order to succeed.

According to a recent study, only 375 million out of the 1.5 billion people in the world who spoke English were native speakers. That potentially leaves many professionals unable to communicate effectively. When teaching English to professionals, the business content of the program is the most important aspect. The courses must be personalized individually for specific industries. For example, the business terminology used for the customer service industry differs than the terminology used in the hospitality industry. It is important that the people teaching the courses are experts in the specific industry, so the training could be the most effective as possible.

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