ESL Employees & 4 Ways to Support Them At Work

ESL Employees or those who speak English as a Second Language are usually foreign born but make up a significant portion of the United States workforce. The less language training employees receive, the more likely it is for there to be misunderstandings. Depending on the industry, miscommunication can result in wasted time at best, and injury or even death at worst for those in construction or manual labor intensive fields.  Online corporate language training can help employers and employees find solutions to make communication more effective and work more productive. Our classes offer 100% customizable language training✅ that can be tailored to fit the needs of all of your ESL employees while remaining focused on achieving your business objectives. Whether you are looking to enhance professional skills like giving a presentation, or are looking for industry specific language training✅ for your construction employees, we provide real language training solutions for real businesses. Our online language training courses are unique, taught by real instructors through video conferencing technology✅ so your ESL employees receive in-person lessons from expert instructors with all the convenience of remote learning.


It can be difficult for ESL employees (those who speak English as a Second Language) to grow in their careers, especially if they work in specialized industries like construction or manufacturing. Sometimes it can be lonely, and other times it can be frustrating as they often report getting skipped over for promotions or raises. Employers are also doing themselves a disservice because they are missing out on a talent pool with much to offer. Apart from employee ESL enhancing OSHA training, it can do wonders for mental health and workplace morale.

Here Are 4 Ways to Support ESL Employees At Work:


1. Offer Corporate Sponsored English Lessons As A Benefit

Corporate sponsored English lessons can make ESL Employees feel seen and heard. Supporting them with sponsoring their English lessons shows that employers are invested in growing their employees and want them to thrive. When morale increases in the workplace employees are likely to stay employed longer which ends up saving money and time during times like the Great Resignation where people are leaving their jobs at an all time high rate.


2. Stay Involved In Their Progression

Our online and in-person English language training courses are people centered, business focused. In other words, we allow you to customize anything in our curriculum to fit your employees needs, while remaining focused on your business goals. Investing in your employee's language learning development with corporate sponsored courses allows you to receive regular reports to keep up to date with their progression.


3. Reinforce Curriculum At Work

When leaders are up-to-date on how each employee is progressing, you can reinforce curriculum in real time at work. The more exposure employees have, the better! The more you can implement their vocabulary lessons or concepts learned in class, the better it will be for their retention.


4. Be Open Minded

Everyone learns at their own pace and speed. You might have one employee doing really well in one area and another who is really struggling. We take everyone's needs into consideration and meet your employees where they are at. Being open minded with your ESL employees can look like giving additional support where needed, and trying to recognize when someone is struggling.



Our highly engaging In-Person English Training for employees and interactive Corporate  English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Private and Group Corporate English Training. Get a Free Quote for your Industry Specific Onsite or Online English Classes for Companies.

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