How Employee Language Training Can Advance Your Career

Employee Language Training Can Open a Variety of Opportunities

Immigrants are integral to the US workforce and thus English employee language training for them is imperative. Being able to speak, read, and write proficiently in English can open a variety of opportunities for foreign-born employees, including pay raises, promotions, and internal transfers— not to mention entirely different career paths! Providing on-site opportunities, such as on-site corporate language programs, can help employers support their staff in developing and honing their English skills.

The Benefits of Enrolling in Employee Language Training

There are numerous benefits for those who enroll in some sort of English language training program. In fact, immigrants who speak English proficiently earn an estimated 17 - 24% more than immigrants who do not. It has also been shown that immigrants who are English proficient have a likelihood of earning family-sustaining salaries at a rate that is twice as likely as immigrants with limited English proficiency. English classes on-site will help employees with some important achievements.  Participants in these courses build basic language skills, acquire vocabulary specific to an industry, and discover new insights in career advancement and increased social integration.  These are all keys to becoming a more productive, happier, and more loyal employee.

On the other hand, holding off on employee language training can be tempting.  Some employers simply don’t want to deal with the expense or time it takes to offer programs like this to their staff.  However, they also must handle the consequences of this choice.  Miscommunication in the workplace as the result of a language barrier can produce a variety of unnecessary and unwieldy issues.  Some are as small as workplace spats or annoyances between coworkers or supervisors.  Some can be as devastating as an injury or even death when using dangerous machinery!

Challenges of Employee Language Training

While the benefits of providing employee language training in the form of customized English language training or a industry specific language courses are undeniable, there are a variety of challenges that could prevent one from enrolling. One major challenge is the difficulty balancing work and the time it takes to study English.  Employers should be wary of overscheduling an employee so that they can adequately handle both!  Another challenge is the amount of patience required to make real progress.  Even with employee language training from Language Connections, employees and employers must have realistic expectations about how long it can take to build a strong, applicable base of English that can improve their job performance every day.

Language Connections offers small-group and private classes with content tailored to the needs of your company. Ongoing engagement, challenging learning environments, simulation of real-life scenarios, and progress tracking are crucial elements of our training that significantly accelerate language learning. Our classes represent an investment in you or your company’s global future.

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