Is Business English the Key to Corporate Viability?

Do Employees Need Business English?

Anyone with experience in a corporate setting will know that the predominant language of business is English. However, many employees lack the appropriate level of business English proficiency to succeed while working remotely. Luckily, corporate English language training can solidify your company’s global presence while also teaching employees a valuable skill that can advance their careers.


Lessons in Business English Build Lasting Relationships

Breaking down language barriers is one way that business English improves communication, but that does not mean it is the only way. Employees that know more about each other work better together. It is as simple as that. While taking English Language training lessons together, colleagues from different parts of a company will have the chance to meet one another on equal-footing. Given social distancing measures and reduced capacity work environments, English classes online can work to provide people the chance to look forward to a fun, engaging interaction where they can learn new skills too. Jumpstarting unlikely friendships within ESL classes for employees is one way businesses can encourage a sense of cohesion within and across departments.


Business English Will Raise Productivity

Improving presentation, telephone, and negotiation skills is one key component of a corporate ESL course. This is because a business English program is designed to integrate vocabulary and pronunciation techniques, which ultimately helps employees tackle their day-to-day tasks. Language training will also develop the confidence employees need to manage more daunting projects—this can range from delivering proposals to engaging in large conferences. This holds true especially in the sphere of international business, where a certain level of formal communication is known to be a prerequisite. Online English Language courses can also prepare employees to present over video conferencing platforms, which requires a different skill set than face-to-face interactions.

Business English Creates a More Positive Work Environment

Ultimately, lessons in business English are a way to challenge employees to think critically about what they say and how they say it. English training for companies asks employees to sit together and work out problems; a skill applicable for nearly every job found within a company. Conflict may be inevitable, but that does not mean it is insurmountable. After all, what better way to understand people than talking to them? As much as advanced English skills are important for international success, they are just as important for communicating with someone who might be down the hall.

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