Learn from Your Mistakes with Online Language School

Learn from Your Mistakes with Online Language School

Imagine this. You are struggling during online language school and you cannot translate a thought fast enough to English. The good news is that even native English speakers make grammar mistakes. While you study English online, see if you can pick up on grammar errors in your day-to-day life.

Online Language School: “I” versus “Me”

The age-old question of pronouns. If someone is trying extra hard to impress their intelligence on you during online language school, they might overcompensate and change a sentence like, "She spoke with Kyle and me" to "She spoke with Kyle and I." The oldest tricks still work the best. Once you take the other person's name out of the sentence, check to see if your personal pronoun choice still sounds right. "She spoke with I" will sound wrong to native speakers, and the best online ESL courses will point that out to language learners.

Online Language School: I Could Care Less

The key word in this phrase is “could,” and it changes the meaning of the sentence drastically. “I could care less” actually implies the opposite of what that phrase is often intended to convey. The sentence “I could care less” means that you do care. "I couldn't care less" is correct. A spoken English course online will help you notice these common errors. More importantly, online language school will help you to practice correctly so that mistakes do not become habits.

Online Language School: “Must of” or “Must have”

The word must as well as should, would, and could all belong with the preposition “of.” During online language school, misconceptions will be studied to keep you from making the same mistakes. English Online courses will teach you to hear subtle differences, and improve you language skills to the point where you are able to confidently navigate your second language.


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