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English Training For Professionals? Here’s How We Can Help

English training for professionals is never a one size fits all. Just as there are many different learning styles, there are just as many reasons for companies to provide corporate English training. Investing in business language training is a forward thinking move for any company or decision maker. For one thing, it provides associates with transferrable skills they will utilize for the rest of their lives. For another, it improves communication resulting in a faster and more competent workforce. Customized language training recognizes that every adult worker who speaks English as a Second Language (ESL) learns differently. Some enter our classes with some prior knowledge of the English language, and some have never had any exposure. Additionally, different people learn at different paces. Our online English classes are different than the rest because we center the needs of your workers while remaining focused on your business objectives. Some business objectives for workforce English training might be to highlight safety trainings. Or maybe you need to ensure employee ESL teaches industry specific vocabulary that your workers wouldn't otherwise know. Here's some examples of how we can help your business...
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English Classes For IT Industry Employees

English classes for Information Technology (IT) employees are people centered, business focused. Meaning that whatever class you pick, will customize to meet your specific business needs, while centering your employees who are actually taking our online English courses. For example, if your employees need to improve pronunciation, we will customize our curriculum to meet your goals. But we do this in realistic ways - because we understand that learning a language is a very long process. Most language training companies provide general English training. After assessing your employees' individual English competencies and levels, we create a unique Employee ESL program with realistic goals for them to achieve. In fact, our English courses for companies can get as specific as you need them to be. Here's some examples of what we can provide:
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3 Useful Tips to Host Successful Corporate Language Training in the Remote Age

Remote Corporate Language Training

In today’s global marketplace, and amidst a sudden shift to remote hiring and working, the companies that span cities, countries, and continents have found themselves in a unique position. Without commuting and traveling, telecommutes and webinars are more common than ever. However, it remains imperative to provide employees with ESL training, while...
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