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English Courses For Training Spanish Speaking Employees

English courses can help employers in all industries train Spanish speaking employees, and help them find additional success in their careers. Whether your business operates in a blue collar industry like manufacturing or construction, or a white collar industry- ensuring that you can communicate with your employees, and that they can communicate with each other is fundamental to success. English courses for employees doesn't have to be a standard ESL (English as a Second Language) course, either. In fact, many business owners and decision makers benefit from customizing our curriculum to fit all of their needs. For instance, some industries provide online English courses to Spanish speaking employees that is tailored to safety trainings for operating heavy machinery. Other industries and companies benefit more by customizing English classes to build professional skills like leadership training or professional English grammar. Whatever your specific needs are, we specialize in creating corporate English courses that are people centered, business focused that work for everyone. We say this because we truly center the needs of your people, your workers, by meeting them where they're at in their journey towards learning English as a Second Language, delivering class at their level and pace. Yet remaining business focused, because we won't lose sight of your goals. With our corporate English course, we remain focused on delivering the results you need to see, and bringing your workers where you need them to be. Here's a closer look at how English courses for Spanish workers can be right for you and them...
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English Courses for Employees Can Boost Your Business

English courses for employees is an investment every savvy business owner should consider. Especially for businesses in blue collar industries like construction and manufacturing, ensuring your employees can understand safety instructions and be understood is as much essential to your bottom line as it is to your responsibility to your workers. In these industries where operating heavy machinery is part of the job description, employers have a responsibility to ensure worker safety by providing safety instructions and training in a way that makes sense to their workers. Even for white collar industries, English courses for employees can serve as a meaningful step in career development and professional improvement. Here's some of the benefits that English courses for employees has on themselves, on the business they work for and the types of courses we can provide:
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Online English Courses Can Prevent Manufacturing Accidents

Online English courses can prevent manufacturing accidents, especially when included as part of training. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) language barriers are estimated to contribute 25% of job-related accidents. Additional findings placed foreign-born Hispanic workers 69% more likely to experience fatal injuries than native-born Hispanic workers. While OSHA has been known to protect English as a Second Language or ESL speaking manufacturing workers, on-the-job fatalities have not decreased citing in many cases that employers either provided inadequate or failed to provide safety training at all. Workplace injuries, can easily result in lost wages, mounting medical bills and even long-term impairment for your workers. With every injury, the consequences for employers range from extending deadlines, to staffing shortages to potential lawsuits. Online English courses for manufacturing workers can prevent workplace accidents by addressing 3 root problems:
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