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English Courses for Employees Can Boost Your Business

English courses for employees is an investment every savvy business owner should consider. Especially for businesses in blue collar industries like construction and manufacturing, ensuring your employees can understand safety instructions and be understood is as much essential to your bottom line as it is to your responsibility to your workers. In these industries where operating heavy machinery is part of the job description, employers have a responsibility to ensure worker safety by providing safety instructions and training in a way that makes sense to their workers. Even for white collar industries, English courses for employees can serve as a meaningful step in career development and professional improvement. Here's some of the benefits that English courses for employees has on themselves, on the business they work for and the types of courses we can provide:
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Employee ESL Enhances OSHA Training In 3 Ways

Employee ESL- or English as a Second Language- is a huge benefit to both foreign born employees and their employers; especially the manual labor industry jobs like construction, manufacturing and warehousing. Our ESL classes for companies are offered online AND on-site which gives you flexibility and are 100% customizable to any field. Industry specific English training  is imperative of manual labor occupations as these are among the top industries where ESL learners find employment. Language barriers with foreign-born workers in these fields can pose a serious risk to employees and employers. Employee English training especially when administered in conjunction with OSHA training can yield better results and peace of mind for employers and improve confidence in their employees. OSHA- or The Occupational Safety and Health Administration- estimates that language barriers contribute 25% of all workplace accidents. The good news is employers can take action to reduce that number with customized English language training that is provided to employees along with their OSHA training:
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3 Things to Know in Order to Get Ahead During Online ESL Training

Why You Need Online ESL Training

English is gaining popularity as the predominate language of the international workforce. Speaking and writing English is an important skill to have for both global and domestic offices. Encouraging your employees to communicate in the same language through language courses for companies is beneficial to their safety, morale, and confidence.  Read more

5 Reasons Why Corporate Online English Classes Create Safer Workplaces

Benefits of Corporate Online English Classes

English classes online are a popular way to increase the effectiveness of Limited English proficiency employees for many reasons. For instance, corporate Online English classes are proven to raise the productivity of work environments, creating more positive workplaces. This is especially important given how remote workers are dispersed. Language...
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