Employee ESL Enhances OSHA Training In 3 Ways

Employee ESL- or English as a Second Language- is a huge benefit to both foreign born employees and their employers; especially the manual labor industry jobs like construction, manufacturing and warehousing. Our ESL classes for companies are offered online AND on-site which gives you flexibility and are 100% customizable✅ to any field. Industry specific English training  is imperative of manual labor occupations as these are among the top industries where ESL learners find employment.

Language barriers with foreign-born workers in these fields can pose a serious risk to employees and employers. Employee English training especially when administered in conjunction with OSHA training can yield better results and peace of mind for employers and improve confidence in their employees. OSHA- or The Occupational Safety and Health Administration- estimates that language barriers contribute 25% of all workplace accidents. The good news is employers can take action to reduce that number with customized English language training that is provided to employees along with their OSHA training:


1. Employee ESL Includes Safety Vocabulary ⛑

Employee ESL

Employee ESL or English as a second language is tailored to your specific needs. When working in construction, there is a specific professional vocabulary that is not utilized in other fields. Operating heavy machinery in construction looks very different than operating equipment in warehousing and it is important to ensure your foreign-born employees know the correct terminology related to their position and their industry. Language training online can help companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars  by avoiding OSHA fines and employees can be more confident in their ability to communicate with coworkers.


2. Workplace ESL Improves Active Listening 👂🏻

Workplace ESL - or English as a Second Language - can enhance OSHA training by improving active listening skills. When an ESL learner is not engaged in class, information gets missed. When information is missed, accidents are more likely to occur and safety protocols may not be implemented as a result. With on-site language learning  employees get first-hand experience in their field and get opportunities to ask questions in their working environment. This in turn, builds confidence and employees who are confident in their tasks are more engaged workers and have a higher active listening capability than other ESL learners.


3. ESL Increases Reading Comprehension 📕

Every task, every big machinery to operate requires its own safety procedure. Our LIVE webinar online classes✅ allow your employees to learn without losing any of the advantages of an in-person class. This unique approach to online learning allows students to interact with expert instructors and classmates as if in a real classroom getting real-life language training. Our on-site classes✅ allow students to learn in their working environment which gives you, the business owner, the option to choose what is best for your employees. Our curriculum allows students to practice and improve their reading comprehension, which will be required for every new machine or updated safety literature required for their role.


Our highly engaging In-Person English Training for employees and interactive Corporate  English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Private and Group Corporate English Training. Get a Free Quote for your Industry Specific Onsite or Online English Classes for Companies.

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