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ESL For Businesses Located In NY Could Be FREE

Providing ESL for businesses can open so many doors for your associates, and your company in general. For associates enrolled in English as a Second Language classes, they will be learn language skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile your business will save money in the long run, and lower turnover rates. Over the years, countless studies have proven that employees are more likely to remain employed with companies that provide learning and development opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2023 report, the United States average annual turnover rate is 47% - where 20% is considered high. Additionally, over 4 million U.S employees leave their job each month, 70% of which is voluntary, and 1 in 3 of those who quit did not even have a job lined up. When the cost of replacing a singular employee ranges from .5 - 2 times their annual salary, businesses everywhere should be seriously considering any initiative that can improve employee satisfaction.
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Customized English Training For The Hospitality Industry

Customized English training is available for most major industries. Specifically talking about the hospitality industry, language training can be so beneficial for employees and corporations alike. For example, English courses for employees provide lifelong transferrable skills. For the employer, corporate English courses can improve communication, the overall working environment and productivity. Whether you own or manage a hotel, casino, or a transportation business- there are always things we can do to improve communication. Especially for the hospitality industry, that sees travelers from all corners of the world, communication is essential. You want to make sure your employees communicate with each other and your customers. You need to trust that they can thrive in any situation that presents itself. Working in the hospitality industry often means private events, coordinating tourist activities, and sharing information with guests in a meaningful way. And especially in this line of work, every new day is different than the one before. So you and your leadership team need to trust that your employees can communicate in any situation. When we say our online English classes are fully customizable we mean it. Maybe you have several employees who need to need to improve their pronunciation but you want the majority to improve their vocabulary for their reception desk positions. We are able to work with you to devise a corporate English language course that meets your specific business objectives in a realistic way for your employees to learn. English courses for companies can even focus on industry specific vocabulary! Here's some examples...
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English Lessons For Adults & Overcoming Common Language Mistakes

English lessons for adults can be a stressful experience for students- especially when they are corporate sponsored. Everyone wants to put their best foot forward at work in order to make a good impression. And when your boss needs you to improve upon English language skills, adults feel the pressure more and are slower learners than children who tend to pick up a new language easier and quicker. A silver lining here, is that all of our corporate language training programs are private classes, and never exceed 15 learners. Providing decision makers with the ability to customize is what sets us apart from similar companies- whether that means incorporating elements of professional skills trainings like combining negotiation skills with employee English lessons, or improving upon presentations and public speaking for ESL employees or even  industry specific English courses- all of our online language training for businesses can be customized to meet all of your business needs. Despite the class size, and the level of attention our expert instructors provide your associates, there is always room for improvement. Making mistakes should be encouraged, and associates shouldn't be afraid to make them during class. Making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn, and besides... everyone makes them at some point. So here's a few common mistakes and how to overcome them:
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