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Cultural Competence Skills Training for Healthcare Workers

Cultural competence skills training is an essential investment for every company; whether multinational or domestic. Our cross cultural training program is designed to create awareness, and build sensitivity where a mutual understanding doesn't exist. To put it another way: our cultural sensitivity training program will give your associates an understanding of different countries or cultures they will be exposed to, by providing appropriate ways of addressing these differences in professional settings. Whether you are from the United States, China or Ethiopia- foreigners usually have a knack for sticking out among locals. And sticking out shouldn't be a bad thing, but when it is- it's usually due to someone else's unfortunate reaction that makes sticking out a bad thing. 
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Private English Training Options for Landscaping Employees

Private English training can encompass a wide range of topics, and can remain as private as needed with small-group English classes for private companies or can be open format. Whether it is online English training that is best for your employees or you would prefer us to come to you with our on-site private English classes- we have solutions for all your language training needs. For blue collar businesses, on-site English training allows your employees to take a hands-on approach to learning English, in a hands-on industry like landscaping. Industry specific English courses provide the tools necessary to communicate and fulfill duties better because the syllabus is tailored to vocabulary, and real-life situations that will occur while on the job. Our unique people centered, business focused approach to training your employees puts your business decision-makers in the drivers seat. By centering your real employees- before formulating a syllabus- we meet your people where they are at... never going too fast and assessing their levels along the way to ensure they get where you need them to be. Providing employers with the opportunity to offer 100% customizable English classes allows us to remain focused on your specific business needs, and your decision makers are able to get the most value out of private English training for employees. So what are some of your options as a landscaping company? 
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