Cultural Competence Skills Training for Healthcare Workers

Cultural competence skills training is an essential investment for every company; whether multinational or domestic. Our cross cultural training program is designed to create awareness, and build sensitivity where a mutual understanding doesn't exist. To put it another way: our cultural sensitivity training program will give your associates an understanding of different countries or cultures they will be exposed to, by providing appropriate ways of addressing these differences in professional settings. Whether you are from the United States, China or Ethiopia- foreigners usually have a knack for sticking out among locals. And sticking out shouldn't be a bad thing, but when it is- it's usually due to someone else's unfortunate reaction that makes sticking out a bad thing.

The more we move through life, the more we should be challenged to grow outside of our comfort zones. Learning how to interact with your environment, and how to tailor your responses thoughtfully and respectfully is a hallmark of growing up. The reality is: all of us are moving through our different lives at different speeds, and some people we interact with might not be as comfortable with new things outside of their comfort zones. In fact, some people make a conscious decision not to interact with anything new and any change to their routine, or world as they know it feels like an attack. Everyone has different preferences and no one is wrong for those choices... until it actively causes someone else harm. Your freedom to life choices must end where someone else's wellbeing beings, and this is the golden rule of life that everyone has heard before "Do unto others what you want others to do to you" or in other words "do no harm." Harming someone else can be obvious, like physical violence. Or it can be harder to notice with micro-aggressions like gossip or avoiding someone or basically any behavior that is intended to make someone feel excluded.


Why do healthcare workers need cultural competence skills training?

Healthcare workers have taken an oath to provide healthcare services to anyone- regardless of personal bias or religious beliefs; but that doesn't mean those beliefs and biases aren't there. Industry specific language training courses that incorporate cultural competence skills training can help your healthcare associates be more aware and inclusive of coworkers who come from different countries or practice a different religion. Healthcare associate training can help your workers deliver better services and care to patients or customers which only has a positive effect on your business' reputation.

Cultural competence skills training, English training for associates, English classes in Ohio, ESL language trainingThe best thing about our classes are the ways in which we put decision makers in the drivers seat. In fact, English training classes for associates are 100% customizable✅ so that all your business objectives are met while centering the needs of your workers, by meeting them where they're at, and working at their speed and level. Our expert-level instructors✅ will conduct classes through our LIVE webinar platform✅ that is unique to online learning. Our curriculum covers topics from:

  • Etiquette
  • Business practices
  • Values
  • Morals
  • Ethics
  • Protocol
  • Negotiation styles


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