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3 More Industries That Need English Training in Texas

English training as a benefit through employment is a current trend that is here to stay- in the United States and abroad. When specifically looking at Texas, immigration is crucial to the success of its' economy. The Texan workforce contributes an estimated $119 billion to the states' economic output, and is responsible for allowing the state to make a total profit of $420 million from immigrant labor. With 1 in 6 residents being of foreign nationality, they are the people who are responsible for the rapid economic growth Texas has experienced in the last 30 years. With so much growth for the state from immigrant labor, it would be logical to assume that there are plenty of resources for non-English speakers to find employment and learn English with assistance to make that happen. Immigrants make up nearly a quarter of Texas' workforce without whom the state's economy would collapse. So why doesn't Texas have more resources for these essential workers? What are these resources and which industries can benefit most in Texas?
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4 Reasons Why You Need Corporate Language Training

In a modern world, having foreign-born employees is very common. Global markets are growing rapidly, and your business needs to keep up. Corporate language trainings are becoming more and more popular, but many organizations still don’t understand why they should invest their money and time into something that has no immediately measurable ROI. Below are...
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