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Online English Class For Resort & Casino Employees

Online English class for resort and casino employees is a wise investment for owners and decision makers. You probably already know that English is a universal language. And you most likely know that resorts and casinos attract people from around the globe. Especially in this post-Covid lockdown era, people are more anxious than ever to travel and it isn't hard to understand why. If we accept these statements as truth, it should be a requirement that your staff have some level of English comprehension. But how confident are you in your employees ability to speak and understand English in different situations?
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Our Online English Course Helps Employees Around The Holidays

When you choose us for corporate language classes, we evaluate each person and their level of understanding the English language. We then create a customized curriculum based on your business needs✅ and where you want them to be at the end of class, by creating realistic goals for them. For instance, if someone is in class and has zero previous exposure to the English language - it would be unrealistic to expect that person to write a college-level essay at the end of class. By setting goals that are realistic for your employees and your company, our English courses for companies will exceed expectations in a timely manner. Our language courses for companies are even customizable to your personal industry- like construction or manufacturing for example - where we are able to center the curriculum around your employees' real life jobs and skills. But how do our corporate language courses help them during the holiday season?
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Language Training for Construction Workers and 3 Immediate Benefits

Language training for construction workers is an essential part of training- especially when 2.5 million immigrant workers are employed in the construction industry. Many Limited English Proficient (LEP) workers are at a disadvantage- both professionally and in terms of safety- when they are unable to communicate with colleagues and clients. Which leads to a misunderstanding about their job, increases the risk of making dangerous mistakes and become less likely to get promotions when there are English speaking team members. In the United States, the unfortunate reality remains that the lower English comprehension skills the more likely workplace accidents are to occur. Ensuring that employees understand that English for construction workers will help employers in 3 major ways:
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