Online English Class For Resort & Casino Employees

Online English class for resort and casino employees is a wise investment for owners and decision makers. You probably already know that English is a universal language. And you most likely know that resorts and casinos attract people from around the globe. Especially in this post-Covid lockdown era, people are more anxious than ever to travel and it isn't hard to understand why. If we accept these statements as truth, it should be a requirement that your staff have some level of English comprehension. But how confident are you in your employees ability to speak and understand English in different situations? Sure, they can give directions to a restaurant, but can they communicate to English speaking guests during an emergency? Do they have the vocabulary to communicate in the scenarios listed below?

Online English class for resort and casino employees can be customized to your needs

Not every corporate English course is the same. In fact, we encourage you to customize our curriculum✅. Not every employee begins class with the same level of English comprehension. Some might have taken courses in high school, where others might have no exposure to English at all. Our expert instructors✅ work with them at their level and pace during workforce language training classes. With this approach ensures we are able to evaluate your employees before class, and create corporate English courses that actually work for them. Providing you with progress every step of the way, we are able to ensure that we meet your goals for English language training programs. Customized corporate language training remains people centered business focused✅. Especially as it can be used to emphasize any of the areas below that are relevant to your resort or casino...

1. Online English class to emphasize industry specific vocabulary

Language courses for companies can teach your ESL employees a highly specific, industry specialized set of vocabulary. Your average ESL employee probably won't be learning casino vocabulary right off the bat. There is an extensive glossary of poker terms in and of themselves, which are usually only known by people who actually play the game. Or maybe your resort has a theme to it, like Treasure Island resort and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. You might want your staff to refer to customers as "matey" and remain in character when interacting with children.

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2. Focusing on professional skills trainings during Online English class

Does your casino or resort host corporate or private events? A corporate English language course can be customized to your every need as a business owner. You might need your employees to improve their public speaking, or maybe it's more important for ESL employees to learn cultural sensitivity for their job. Whatever the case may be, we can help find a solution that is right for you.

3. Make safety a priority for your Online English Class

Nobody is saying your employees need to be CPR certified. Some of them probably should, but that is a business decision you need to make on your own. That being said, do your ESL employees know where the defibrillator is? Do they know how to converse with guests in an emergency situation? It's your job to decide what trainings to offer, but it's also your responsibility to ensure your staff is set up for success in all scenarios.

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