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Online English Courses Can Prevent Manufacturing Accidents

Online English courses can prevent manufacturing accidents, especially when included as part of training. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) language barriers are estimated to contribute 25% of job-related accidents. Additional findings placed foreign-born Hispanic workers 69% more likely to experience fatal injuries than native-born Hispanic workers. While OSHA has been known to protect English as a Second Language or ESL speaking manufacturing workers, on-the-job fatalities have not decreased citing in many cases that employers either provided inadequate or failed to provide safety training at all. Workplace injuries, can easily result in lost wages, mounting medical bills and even long-term impairment for your workers. With every injury, the consequences for employers range from extending deadlines, to staffing shortages to potential lawsuits. Online English courses for manufacturing workers can prevent workplace accidents by addressing 3 root problems:
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