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Workforce Language Training For The U.S Leisure & Hospitality Industry

The global leisure and hospitality industry took a gigantic hit in March, 2020 and is only now just starting to recoup those losses, more than 2 years later. Specifically in U.S, small business that rely on tourists in states like New York, New Jersey and California that experienced the fallout and haven't recovered. Yet throughout the pandemic, people were more eager than before to return to traveling and for the first time, others were eager to begin. Most of us, myself included, were curious what the travel industry would look like in a post-quarantine world still dealing with COVID-19; when and if businesses were able to bounce back. With so many hospitality workers having left their jobs during quarantine to secure other means of income, a lot of hotels, casinos, cruise liners and the like are struggling to keep up with the overwhelming demand for travel in 2022. So how are these hospitality businesses filling these vacant roles? How can they attract top talent?
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