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3 Reasons A Corporate English Language Course For Hotel Staff Is Vital

A corporate English language course for hotel staff doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all experience like many language training companies offer. On the contrary, we believe that learning English should be as unique as the people taking them. By allowing decision makers freedom to customize our curriculum, we teach your employees how to speak English by taking a people centered business focused approach to corporate English courses. We're sure you are reading this thinking "that sounds great, but what the heck does it mean?!" We understand that every person is different in how they process and understand new information. We also understand that every employee you enroll in corporate English classes is coming into class with different levels of English proficiency. Some of your associates could have absolutely zero exposure to learning English, and others might have taken some English courses at some point in high school but haven't used it since. Whatever your individual needs might be, we will work with you to develop English courses for employees that meet them at their individual levels, while catering to your specific business objectives. Workforce language training can truly be whatever you need it to be... this can look like online language courses that highlight safety trainings and protocol, or maybe you need online ESL courses that make a concerted emphasis on pronunciation for your bellhop and customer-facing staffs. Our expert instructors will work with you every step of the way, to ensure that your English courses for companies set up your employees to meet and exceed realistic goals in a timely manner. For companies that work in the hospitality industry like hotels and resorts, ensuring the best experience for your guests is a top priority.
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Online Corporate English Classes For The Agriculture Industry

Online corporate English classes are so beneficial for every company hiring workers who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) that they should honestly be obligatory. Aside from the clear barriers that a Limited English Proficiency (LEP) poses, like a decline in productivity and poor communication, it can also pose a very real threat to worker safety; which is often overlooked when business leaders and owners weigh the risks against rewards for offering corporate English classes to associates. Statistically, ESL workers are more likely to find employment in blue-collar industries like construction, agriculture and manufacturing that involve regularly operating heavy machinery, in loud and high-stress environments, and depending on the specific job can even demand technical work in collaboration with others. Business owners and decision makers are correct to hire ESL  workers- they bring a variety of skills and techniques that are an asset to American companies. But they are gambling with lives and health and threatening livelihoods by failing to incorporate online English courses into their onboarding programs. Corporations have a responsibility to their workforce and their loved ones to keep the workplace safe. And while some companies might get lucky, and never have an accident at work with their ESL workers... it only takes 1 time; 1 conversation where instructions were misunderstood. It is a gamble that business owners make- one way or another, whether conscious or not- when they opt out of corporate English courses for associates. Nothing is ever guaranteed in life, but being proactive with worker safety is a clear step towards minimizing risk. Here's some ways that online English classes can help businesses in the agricultural industry...
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Professional Skills Trainings For Associates Can Include Presentations

Professional skills trainings for ESL employees (those who speak English as a Second Language) can cover a wide range of different ESL speaking skills; which aren't covered as in depth in many of those standard, run-of-the-mill online ESL courses. Specializing in private and small group English classes, we allow decision makers the unique ability to customize any of our courses to your specific needs. Customized  corporate English class means that while some decision makers request elements of business writing skills for ESL employees, others may want theirs to focus on industry specific employee ESL that is designed to enhance OSHA training. Whether you have 10 associates who are on the same level, or a few that have different needs- we apply a people centered, business focused approach to all of our online language training courses. When designing a program for your associates, our expert instructors will teach at a level and pace set by your associates' needs while centering the needs of your business and objectives to deliver the results you need to see. LIVE, video-chat style class sessions are an engaging, and unique in a way that competition simply cannot compare to. One of the unique ways we allow decision makers to customize our curriculum is by incorporating professional skills trainings- like giving presentations.
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3 Reasons English for Biotech Companies is Valuable during the Covid-19 Pandemic

English for Biotech Companies during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Life science companies are adapting to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. English for biotech companies is at the forefront of this conversation, as it is the language used for the vast majority of scientific papers as well as the common language for business procedures. English classes online are...
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