3 Reasons A Corporate English Language Course For Hotel Staff Is Vital

A corporate English language course for hotel staff doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all experience like many language training companies offer. On the contrary, we believe that learning English should be as unique as the people taking them. By allowing decision makers freedom to customize our curriculum✅, we teach your employees how to speak English by taking a people centered business focused✅ approach to corporate English courses. We're sure you are reading this thinking "that sounds great, but what the heck does it mean?!" We understand that every person is different in how they process and understand new information. We also understand that every employee you enroll in corporate English classes is coming into class with different levels of English proficiency. Some of your associates could have absolutely zero exposure to learning English, and others might have taken some English courses at some point in high school but haven't used it since. Whatever your individual needs might be, we will work with you to develop English courses for employees that meet them at their individual levels, while catering to your specific business objectives. Workforce language training can truly be whatever you need it to be... this can look like online language courses that highlight safety trainings and protocol, or maybe you need online ESL courses that make a concerted emphasis on pronunciation for your bellhop and customer-facing staffs. Our expert instructors will work with you every step of the way, to ensure that your English courses for companies set up your employees to meet and exceed realistic goals in a timely manner. For companies that work in the hospitality industry like hotels and resorts, ensuring the best experience for your guests is a top priority.


3 reasons that make a corporate English language course vital for hotels and resorts


1- Investing in a corporate English language course = investing in safety

The last thing anybody wants is an accident. Most people who stay at hotels and resorts are away from home and choose their accommodations based on amenities. In the event of an emergency, you want your staff to be prepared. They should know standard vocabulary to communicate with guests, but they should also know the protocols and terminology that first responders use when and if an incident happens on your property. Do they know how to respond to questions like:

"Where is your defibrillator?"

"When did you start chest compressions?"

"Does your guest use an Epi-pen?"

"What are their vital signs?"

Your associates definitely don't need a highly specialized level of vocabulary, but these are all questions that first responders will ask. Your employees should know basic first aid terminology and be able to answer these questions in English should a rescue event be required on your property.


2- A corporate English language course can boost your ratings

Corporate English language course, Remote language training for healthcare employeesIn an industry like hospitality and accommodation, ratings and reviews are the holy grail. One bad review can cost your business hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. A corporate English language course for employees creates a more welcoming environment and a better quality of experience for your guests. Guests who write reviews, and ultimately go home to tell their loved ones about their trip, and post on social media about your business.


3- A corporate English language course can reduce worker turnover

When employees feel like they can see a future where they are working, they are more likely to stay employed longer. By positioning a corporate English language course as a way to move up into more senior roles or to earn more money, your staff will be more likely to stay where they see upward mobility, which in turn lowers the amount of people you need to hire and spend thousands of dollars training. Online language training for businesses is a vitally important tool that hotel owners must consider in this day and age. Call us today!


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