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English Courses For Employers & 3 Obstacles To Overcome

English courses for employers can look like many things. For some employers, it can look like industry specific language training that centers around the terminology, safety procedures and equipment involved in fields ranging from construction to healthcare and everything in between. By remaining focused on your individualized business objectives we ensure you are receiving the quality English training your employees need, while centering them in the process by meeting them on their level and going at their pace. In other words, we deliver a people centered & business focused approach to online English training that others cannot provide. All of our corporate English courses are taught by expert instructors  who go above and beyond to deliver a unique and engaging  remote learning experience that is 100% LIVE through video chat technology . In the last 30 years, we have been providing decision makers across dozens of industries with solutions that have helped their businesses and employees thrive with corporate language training and these are just a few of the obstacles that must be overcome for a successful program:
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How To Improve Your ESL Associates’ Business Writing Skills

Hiring ESL associates is a smart move for any business owner or decision maker in your company. Especially if yours is a multinational business, hiring ESL (English as a Second Language) associates are essential and beneficial; as their talents and skill sets may differ from native English speakers. Being able to tap into the resources that ESL associates bring to the table should be enticing to decision makers who work for large companies around the world. Not only does it allow for a larger talent pool to recruit from, but it allows for better customer service as not every customer speaks English fluently. Although the benefits that ESL workers bring to corporations can go on forever, they may need additional support- and that's where we step in. Specializing in fully remote online English training, we are confident that our 100% customizable business English courses can meet all your needs. All of our online language training classes are LIVE, and take place in a real-time video conferencing format that gives your people the personalized attention they need to learn best, without sacrificing convenience.  So whether yours is a white collar or blue collar industry, there will come a time when your ESL associates (associates who speak English as a Second Language) will have to write an email, a client proposal, a report, memo or something of the nature that requires professional Business English writing skills. Here's some things you can do to encourage from your corporate ESL associates to improve their business writing skills:
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3 Reasons English for Biotech Companies is Valuable during the Covid-19 Pandemic

English for Biotech Companies during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Life science companies are adapting to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic. English for biotech companies is at the forefront of this conversation, as it is the language used for the vast majority of scientific papers as well as the common language for business procedures. English classes online are...
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