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Diversity and Inclusion Training, Construction & Creating a Culture of C.A.R.E

When hearing a phrase like "company values" we tend to picture a stereotypical white collar, corporate office somewhere in a big city that offers employees pizza parties and beer instead of regular raises.  In this day and age, these companies are as common as smartphones- they just seem to be everywhere. And just like the majority of people today have a smartphone, A LOT of people are employed by this type of "cookie-cutter" company. It is without doubt that these companies can benefit from diversity and inclusion training  but that is a post for another day. As recently as February, 2022 the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintainence was audited and found to be negligent in their responsibility to oversee and enforce state diversity quotas on public construction projects. According to state guidelines, every construction contract should include at least 15.3% of total construction project hours to be performed by minority workers, and 6.9% by female workers. The audit of 127 construction construction contracts discovered that 95% did not meet the female participation goal and 61% did not have any hours completed by women. Findings revealed that 64% of the 127 contracts did not meet minority workforce participation goals, and 36 of them or 28% did not have any hours worked by minorities. As construction hires millions of foreign born employees every year, it is no surprise that the industry has the demand for this type of training.
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