TEFL / TESOL Certificate Program

TESOL / TEFL Program For Non-native speakers of English

TESOL / TEFL Program for Non-Native Speakers of English in Boston, MA

Our TESOL / TEFL program is open to native English speakers and non-native speakers alike. And there is no requirement to speak any language other than English.

Teaching methods and strategies taught in the Language Connections’ TESOL / TEFL Certificate Training program are transferable to other languages. After completing the TESOL / TEFL Certificate course our students will be equipped with all the skills and technique to teach any language they know.

TEFL Program for Non-Native Speakers of English:

In order to be accepted into the TESOL / TEFL program non-native speakers of English are required to demonstrate advanced level of spoken and written English by completing the 15-min online ESL test.

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