What is Customized Workplace Language Training?

Customized Workplace Language Training

Customized Workplace Language Training is a type of language training that is tailored to the needs of students or a particular company. After conducting a thorough needs analysis with the participants, a language program manager provides guidelines and suggested materials to help the language instructor develop a customized language training course tailored to the client’s industry.

Customized Workplace Language Training is characterized by:

  • In-depth needs analysis to determine objectives
  • Materials focused on specific challenges in the work environment
  • Highly qualified language specialists
  • Active use of the target language
  • Lessons guided by the student’s experiences and needs
  • Authentic texts

Customized Workplace Language Training Example 1:

A student reported that she needed Spanish to interview potential job candidates. The instructor gathered information about what questions the student normally asked during these interviews, then designed Spanish language training classes around common interview vocabulary and phrases, helped the student translate the interview questions into Spanish, and did role plays in order to help the student gain confidence using the language in context.

Customized Workplace Language Training Example 2:

A student wanted to focus on phrasal verbs in his lessons. The instructor chose special texts for the student to read and designed exercises that contained phrasal verbs. The student practiced using phrasal verbs in context to understand their meaning and usage better.

Get the specialized workplace language training your team needs to thrive in a bilingual environment!

Language Connections offers small-group and private classes with content tailored to the needs of your company. Ongoing engagement, challenging learning environments, simulation of real-life scenarios, and progress tracking are crucial elements of our training that significantly accelerate language learning. Our classes represent an investment in you or your company’s global future.

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