Why is Customized Onsite Language Training for employees is the best solution?

Specialized Language Training for Employees

Customized Onsite Language Training for employeesLanguage Connections has the experience, resources, and dedication to provide a specialized Language Training for Employees program just for your company. We work closely with management to identify what employees need to know and how this fits into your long-term company goals, because as a customer-oriented service, providing language courses for companies is only as effective as the course designed to address their needs.  It’s important to consider your employees’ level of proficiency, together with the company’s customer base, to provide an effective outline for any onsite workplace language training. The success of language courses for employees is significantly related to the relevance of the lessons. Furthermore, immersion is key, which is why it’s important for employees to practice real, day-to-day scenarios for the company to see a real improvement in their language skills. Our on-site corporate language training allows students to implement communication strategies in real time, all while being monitored by a native speaker. At the same time, interacting in group sessions provides more opportunities for students to engage and prepares them for upcoming meetings through role-playing business scenarios.

Less Obvious Benefits of Language Training for Employees

The most valuable element of this approach is that it prepares employees to enhance their performance, while also providing significant team-building opportunities that strengthen employee connections. Language training for employees tackles some of the main problems that multinational corporations currently face: cross-departmental communication and equal language proficiency. In order to grow as a corporation, employees need to operate with the same skill set to provide the best customer service at all levels. By providing language training for employees to develop their language skills, companies also boost their staff’s confidence and demonstrate that they care about the employee’s development.


Faster Language Training for Employees

Whether your company is looking to improve employees’ presentation skills, negotiation skills, business English writing skills, or you’re shooting for accent reduction, onsite language training can help.  It will certainly enhance customer service, employee efficiency and overall productivity!  Because learning a new language takes many hours of practice, it’s not reasonable to expect that adults will learn in a few classes. Because it takes more than 1,000 hours to learn a new language, companies should invest in company language training programs, like Language Connections’ program, that tailor their courses to the company’s and the students’ needs. Additionally, the company can approve the syllabus and set goals for the teacher, providing as much guidance in the course development as they want.

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