Why is On-Site Advanced English Training Important?

How can Advanced English Training on-site help your workforce?

English is not only the de-facto work language in America, but also the dominant corporate language worldwide. The ability to effectively write and speak English is a boon to professionals in any international company. Learn how on-site Advanced English training can help your LEP workforce to develop their speaking, listening and writing comprehension.

The Many Benefits of Advanced English Training

Companies operating internationally or employing several international non-native English speaking employees can benefit greatly from on-site English training for their employees. This is especially true of white-collar companies, where corporate communication is key to a smooth-functioning workplace. Language Connection’s Advanced English Training teaches the more complex aspects of communicating with and understanding corporate English. One of the areas of focus of this flexible English training program is basic and advanced grammar. Our language program ensures your LEP workforce learns, practices and retains their grammar skills to communicate more effectively through textual correspondence in and outside the office. Practice tests and exercises for verbs and tenses on-site ensure little room for error, ensuring retention of their newly learnt skills.

Advanced English Training in employees’ daily work life

Advanced English courses empower your employees’ daily work life by making them more confident in their English speaking skills. This, in turn, allows them to communicate all sorts of workplace issues, suggestions or queries to their colleagues or superiors. Learning the nuances of corporate English spoken in the United States allows your LEP employees to comprehend it better. It helps them understand their colleague’s communication, participate more effectively in team meetings, and understand crucial phone calls and other verbal correspondence. All in all, corporate English training is a worthwhile investment into boosting your LEP employees’ workplace communication effectiveness, and the company’s overall productivity.

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