Language Training And Its Positive Effect On Workplace Culture

Language training for companies doesn't have to be a "one-size fits all" experience, and we don't believe it should be, either. Offering decision makers a 100% customizable curriculum✅ we can work with you to create an online English course for employees that is people centered, business focused✅. What do we mean by this? We will always center your people -the ones taking the course- by evaluating their current English comprehension levels, to deliver course material that is effective; which will produce timely and realistic improvements. While at the same time, remaining focused on your business goals and where you need your employees to be at the end of the course. Unlike your standard programs, our English courses for companies can be customized to fit your unique people and your unique needs. Maybe yours is a blue-collar construction business that needs to incorporate safety trainings into the English course, or perhaps it there is a white collar corporation that needs to provide diversity and inclusion trainings for associates traveling to overseas offices, or maybe you just need a few employees to really focus on pronunciation because their roles are customer facing. Whatever your current problems are, we have solutions that will work. When all of our courses are being taught by expert instructors ✅ through instruction that is 100% LIVE through video conference technology ✅ our approach to online English classes is second to none.

When it comes to "workplace culture" and creating a positive working environment, there are a lot of different factors that are contributing to the overall environment. It refers to the dynamic within hierarchial working relationships, communication between C-level workers and entry-level workers, the manner in which information is shared, company values, competition between coworkers and so much more. Workplace culture isn't centered around 1 of these elements, it's everything all at once. So what do we mean we say that corporate language training can have a positive effect on workplace culture?


How does language training have a positive effect on workplace culture?

- Improving communication begins at ground level

Language training, online ESL, English Courses, professional skills, English training for associates, English classes in Ohio, ESL language trainingExperts agree that 70-93% of communication is nonverbal. Where someone is putting emphasis on words can totally change the meaning of the same sentence. Take other things into account like body language, power dynamics, preconceived notions, and environment and there's a lot more that is communicated than what is being said.

Example:  "I didn't tell her that" means the speaker was not the one to tell her


"I didn't tell her that" means the speaker told her something, but not that thing

Taking the concept from the example above, there is a lot that is communicated when speaking to someone, especially in a professional environment. For an adult ESL worker (who speaks English as a Second Language) who may not have the best vocabulary, or clearest pronunciation skills- some of the more subtleties of the English language, that come naturally to U.S natives, might be missed.


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