3 Onsite Language Training Classes For Blue Collar Industries

Onsite language training doesn't just have to be for white collar, metropolitan businesses. Corporate language training doesn't have to begin and end with English training for companies. Every day, there are hundreds of different companies who outsource some form of training for associates- regardless of their industry. No matter what is required, all of our online language classes are also offered onsite for private, small group trainings. We understand that not every client will have the exact same requirements, which is why we allow clients the freedom to personalize our curriculum✅. Maybe all of your associates need a refresher on safety trainings and only some need leadership matter what your unique requests are, we can accommodate them. Whether your specific needs are mentioned here or not, we provide people centered, business focused corporate English classes✅. Meeting your employees where they're at while remaining focused on your business objectives. When it comes to blue collar industries like construction, manufacturing or warehousing that employ millions of people from diverse backgrounds each year, they may face unique challenges when it comes to onboarding new associates or training them for a new role. Here are 3 different onsite language training classes:



1. Industry Specific English As A Second Language

When we say we give clients the unique ability to customize our curriculum, we weren't kidding. When blue collar industries hire new and diverse talent, communication should be a top priority. Offering English as a Second Language or Onsite ESL for construction workers should be a top priority for most business owners, as communication is attributed to over 30% of workplace accidents. In similar industries like manufacturing and warehousing, heavy equipment is involved in day-to-day operations and a failure to understand or be understood can lead to serious and expensive consequences.


2. Diversity and Inclusion Training

On Site Language Training International Business Etiquette rules and language training

Onsite Diversity and Inclusion training for manufacturing workers can make a world of difference in terms of workplace dynamic. Because blue collar industries have diverse talent pool, it can lead to some tricky interpersonal conflicts on your team. There could be some difficult personalities, micro aggressions, harassment or abuse going on that can contribute to a difficult community at work. Diversity in construction and warehousing can be difficult to navigate and in these instances, we can step in and help identify the problem/s and help your team to find a solution that makes everyone feel welcomed and safe at work.


3. Leadership Training

Onsite leadership training is another curriculum we have developed to help your associates thrive. Good leadership is not a one-way street because good leaders listen, understand and guide others towards success. In blue collar industries, leadership training is best conducted on site where your associates can get a good understanding of their day-to-day responsibilities in a new role; and since you can't bring your machines to us, we are happy to come to you. Being a good leader is not commanding and what others can do for you- it is about creating a collaborative environment and understanding how to utilize your talent to highlight their strengths.




Online training classes for construction companies allows employers to take our curriculum and tailor it to every business need. Our online curriculum is taught by professionals via LIVE video conference technology as well as our onsite program. English language training is also offered on-site and can be tailored to any industry. Group English classes is a great resource to use when you want to improve upon or teach employees a new skill. Whether that involves teaching one or a few employees English for warehousing workers, or professional skills training like leadership training- we have the solutions to fit all of your needs. Our highly engaging In-Person English Training for employeesand interactive Corporate  English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Private and Group Corporate English Training. Get a Free Quote for your Industry Specific Onsite or Online English Classes for Companies.

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