3 Tips for helping your employees improve their English Presentation Skills

3 Tips for Improving Your Employees’ English Presentation Skills

Tips for Improving Your Employees’ English Presentation SkillsToday, English presentation skills are required in almost every field in the US, and many of us have to give presentations in English on different occasions. Presenting information in English effectively and clearly is a key skill in getting your message across.

While some people take this in their stride, others find it much more challenging, especially if English is not their first language or if they are not well-versed in business English. However, it is possible to improve your English presentation skills with a bit of work and practice.

Many people, especially foreign-born employees, feel terrified when asked to talk in public, especially to big groups. However, these fears can be reduced by good preparation, which will also lay the groundwork for making an effective presentation in English language.

Here are 3 best tips to help your employees improve their English presentation skills:


Encourage them to Practice English Presentation Skills

Have your employees actually get in front of a mirror, their family or friends, or even standing up in front of peers in a workplace English training class. Practicing a speech in your head is nowhere near as effective as practicing it with your voice and an audience—even if that audience is only your own reflection.


Facilitate Critiques of their English Presentation Skills

Sometimes learning is better as a group effort.  Work with English language training providers to set up an in-company language training where employees can practice their speeches. Then allow the teacher and students to conduct critique.  Though this might feel scary, critique is one of the best ways for your employees to improve their presentation skills in English.  This will help them understand what they are doing wrong and what they can do better! 


Supply Flashcards and Notecards to help your employees stay on track and focused during their presentations in English

Supply employees with notecards or flashcards to use during their presentations.  Having some quick visual cues can help your employees stay on track. Encourage your employees to use these cards when they practice their presentations. This will help them be more focused during their presentations.

Offering your employees language training on-site will give them space to practice their presentation skills. Presentation Skills Course for Non-native Speakers of English is a corporate language training program for companies specifically designed to help employees make presentations effectively.

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