7 Best Techniques to Learn Advanced English

How to Learn Advanced English

7 Best Techniques to Learn Advanced English

Advanced English ClassesThere are tips and tricks of all kinds for those at the beginning stages of learning English, but nobody ever seems to talk about techniques for learning English at an advanced level. Luckily, there are a few methods that can prove helpful for advanced English language learners.

1. To Start, Review the Basics – generally when you are in the advanced stages of English language acquisition, you’ve already learned about the grammar, verb tenses, vocabulary etc. However, learning these as concepts and putting them into practice are two very different things. Continuously reviewing basics will help you when you put them to work by speaking.

 2. Keep a Daily Journal / To-Do List in English – whether you’re writing down your weekly grocery list or your personal journal entry, using English in daily writing routines will help you perfect your grammar and vocabulary skills, as well as with performing day-to-day routines in English as opposed to your native language.

3. Utilize Your Technology – personal phones and computers are common. A quick and easy way to ensure that you’re always exposed to the English language is to change the language settings on these devices to English. This can be applicable not only to the devices themselves, but also to the apps and sites you most frequent with them – such as your social media pages.

 Learn Advanced English4. Watch Your Movies/TV Shows in English without Subtitles –movies are nothing new to the English language learning The key to getting more out of them as an advanced English speaker is to leave the subtitles off – for both your native language and English. They tend to take away from actually concentrating on the speech and understanding it. To start, grab the English copy of your favorite movie as you’re already familiar with its plot and dialogue!

 5. Listen to Radio Shows or Podcasts in English – this can help advanced English speakers in two ways. Firstly, it can introduce you to vocabulary in a number of different contexts. As a beginner you tend to learn the basics to survive and travel, but nobody teaches you how to speak about stock markets, new scientific discoveries or even how to make jokes. Radio shows and podcasts tend to go into detail about many different topics, and can introduce you to the more common vocabulary that is used to discuss them.

Secondly, they allow you to train your ear to follow a native English speaker which can help you get accustomed to the speed at which they speak, as well as how they pronounce certain words.

Combine Baking and English language improvement6. Take A Subject/Skill You’ve Been Wanting to Learn, and Learn it in English – the best way to learn anything is to be truly interested in the subject. If there is a topic or a skill you’ve always wanted to pursue, take the opportunity to combine this excitement to learn with your English language improvement. Want to bake? Follow the recipes in English. Interested in psychology? Pick up a beginners psychology book in English. There’s no end to the benefits this pairing can bring.

7. Take an English Language Training Program – at an advanced level, more focused language classes can be extremely beneficial – particularly industry specific English training courses that allow you to apply your skills in the workplace.

The more you use the language in the context of day-to-day interactions and activities, the easier it will be to retain not only vocabulary, but also complex ideas such as verb tenses and sentence structure.


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