Business English Training and 3 Biggest Employee Mistakes

Business English training is one of the most valuable  benefits a business can offer employees. Written and spoken communication are arguably the most vital skills to ensure    success for your business ventures. As the corporate world becomes more tech-reliant with services like email, texting, zoom and telephone conference calls- the importance of hiring staff with excellent written and verbal communication becomes more essential. It is the employer's responsibility to set employees up for success if they are required to write reports, present at meetings and send professionally written emails as per the job description.

Regardless of English proficiency level, employees can still make mistakes when it comes to communication. Everyone makes errors, the but making the same mistakes over and over can be a red flag.

Here are some of the most common corporate miscommunication errors, and how business English can mitigate those problems:

1. Online business English training can get you to the point faster

When it comes to emails but especially corporate ones, no one is going to sit and read an essay in entirety. All written communication must be clear, concise and as short as possible in order to effectively convey the point. If your employee consistently writes messages equivalent to that of short stories it is time to set up phone calls, zoom or in-person meetings to provide missing necessary context. With online business English training, your employees will learn the importance of written English communication.

2. Online Business English courses teach professional communication

Whether it be written or verbal, when in the workplace there is a level of professionalism that is expected in communication. Workplace etiquette is very real, and to an extent your employees know they should speak and draft written communication in a different way than speaking with friends or at home. As with all exchanges, there are subtleties in word selection and tone in-between the words and lines of an email that people may or may not pick up on. Online business English provides your employees the skills the draft professionally written emails, and the training required to engage in workplace conversation.

3. Getting confidence with business English training

One of the most common reasons for miscommunication is a lack of confidence. Employees who are struggling often cannot articulate why or how they are struggling and therefore lowers confidence in their ability to get the job done; which just ends up compounding the issue/s in the end. Business English online courses provide employees with tools needed to succeed in your respective industry.


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