English Class For Companies & Evaluating For Bilingual Positions

English class for companies is a worthwhile investment to make prior to filling bilingual positions. Decision makers and leaders should know how to evaluate language skills properly, before hiring bilingual candidates. Especially when the job prefers bilingual candidates. How can you have assurance in a candidates language proficiency if the hiring manager isn't also bilingual? What if your business expands into new markets, and no one in your company is proficient in that target language?

Among other things, English courses for companies can help your company evaluate language proficiency, and set expectations for staff who require corporate language training classes. Our expert instructors ✅ help you customize our curriculum ✅ and ensure your goals are met with one of our English language training programs. Whether it's creating an industry specific English course for blue collar industries- or highlighting professional skills trainings for white collar businesses- we provide solutions that work. Our online language training courses are always people centered, business focused✅ by catering to your associates while meeting your business goals. So if your goal is to hire a bilingual candidate, how do you evaluate their language proficiency?

4 ways an English class for companies can help you evaluate language proficiency

1. Evaluate speaking proficiency

Our instructors meet with your associates through our 100% LIVE video chat classes ✅. There are similar self taught courses, but our difference is in our dedication. Improving associate speaking skills for business English is something that be practiced at home as well as the classroom. We combine the convenience of remote learning with the benefits of a traditional classroom. Simply because we know quality instruction comes with in-the-moment correction, rather than working it out on your own.

2. Evaluating writing ability

Throughout the duration of employee English courses there will be multiple opportunities for assessments. Tests, progress reports and evaluations will be given to your company so that you are included every step of the way. Whether it's associates or decision makers in our English courses, you will see the improvement in grammar, vocabulary and sentence structuring.

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3. Learn how to evaluate listening capabilities

Listening comes from understanding, and understanding comes from quality instruction over time. A person's ability to listen and actually make sense of a language develops before they are able to speak that language. Taking phone calls, meeting with clients, giving presentations etc all require a fundamental ability to listen. Online language courses starts with listening comprehension, and assignments specifically designed to improve listening abilities.

4. Evaluate reading ability

With ESL associates, reading and writing are closely intertwined. Improving business writing involves a lot of varied assignments throughout the course. To evaluate reading ability you can have associates read aloud. Or you can provide them with interesting material, or even material they are already familiar with but just in a different language, or any other creative prompts.

Our highly engaging In-Person English Training for employees and interactive Corporate  English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Private and Group Corporate English Training. Get a Free Quote for your Industry Specific Onsite or Online English Classes for Companies.

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