Corporate ESL and 3 At-Home Activities To Reinforce Material

Corporate ESL (English as a Second Language) is an extremely useful tool for company owners and decision makers. While your workforce learns language skills upon which they will rely for the rest of their lives, through all future endeavors- employers will get to hire from a larger pool of candidates and retain employees for longer periods of time, by offering employee development programs like corporate ESL training. By meeting your employees where they are at ✅ in their journey to learn English, we assess their skills and develop an English language course that is appropriate for their level; while meeting your goals and getting them where you need them to be✅. Online language training can be anything you need it to be, whether that involves: OSHA safety trainings, industry specific English training, developing a program that involves accent reduction, or something else- we can develop an online language program that works for you and is catered to them. But how do you ensure employee English training is successful? Is there anything leaders can do to reinforce these lessons? What can employees be doing at home to get the most out of class?


3 At-home activities to reinforce corporate ESL material:

1️⃣ Watch TV

These days, everyone has a streaming subscription to something like Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc. One of the best ways to learn is by making the process as enjoyable as possible- like watching TV or your favorite movie. One thing your workers can do at home, is switch the language on a streaming ap and watch your favorite show or movie in another language with subtitles on. Especially if it's something you have watched in your native language, you already know the plot and what to expect with dialogue. By watching it in another language, you are picking up new words and phrases in the context of something you know you enjoy.


2️⃣ Play games

Corporate ESL, Online language classes go beyond language learning appsThere are so many free resources available that can help adults learn a new language. One way is through free games that are available on your smartphone ap store. These games can involve matching words in your native language to the corresponding language you're trying to learn. You could even get creative and make a game out of flashcards so your family can join in!


3️⃣ Make a new friend

There are tons of resources available to meet people and have a chat in a coffee shop to practice speaking a language. Just by searching Facebook events, you can find a local event and sit down with someone to talk in what is called a language exchange. The conversation can flow naturally and casually, and you would be surprised how much you can learn from these conversations!


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