Employee English Lessons To Improve Negotiation Skills In Business

Employee English lessons can be used for a number of different purposes. Of course, the primary reason is to improve your employees' English proficiency, but you can also improve their negotiation skills as a result. In an industry like construction, knowing how to negotiate is essential; not only for coworker conflict resolution but for developing and maintaining healthy client relationships as well. For business owners, investing in English language training programs for ESL workers is as much about your business or brand, as it is about the employees who represent it. You can have the best product in the world, but it won't matter if your brand becomes synonymous with poor customer service.

Language training online can be a very useful tool for business owners and decision makers in any industry; regardless of whether you work in a blue or a white collar industry. By putting you in the drivers seat, we can provide a 100% customizable learning experience✅ for your employees. Blue collar industries like manufacturing and construction prefer to host onsite English classes to incorporate a highly specific set of vocabulary and safety trainings, that are better understood in a typical working environment with heavy machinery. Other decision makers find it better to host online corporate English classes through our easy-to-navigate web portal, where your employees learn from experienced instructors✅ in real time through a LIVE webinar classroom portal✅.


Whether you work in a blue collar industry like construction, or a white collar industry in a typical corporate office setting here are ...

3 Ways Employee English Lessons Improve Negotiation Skills:


1️⃣ More confidence = better proposals

Most businesses require an element of client proposals that can look like pitching a marketing campaign, a renovation design or something else. By incorporating negotiation skills training for employees, your staff will gain more confidence and deliver better quality proposals to paying customers or clients. It can be incredibly difficult and scary to pitch an idea and speak to limitations of what your team can provide, if they don't have the vocabulary or confidence to do as an ESL public speaker.


2️⃣  Better proposals = more business contracts

Employee English lessonsAn essential part of making proposals is the desired outcome: a contract. Employee English lessons will not only allow your people to speak more confidently, but improve their written English proficiency. Particularly for ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers coming to our classes, they do so being more comfortable either speaking or writing in English. After completing corporate English training, they feel empowered and therefore more comfortable writing up contracts.


3️⃣ More business contracts = better reputation

Private ESL programs improve how your ESL employees communicate in English; with each other and with your clients or customers. Every employee you have on staff, represents your business and ideals as a company. If your clients cannot communicate with your employees, they will have a negative experience which will impact your bottom line. The better your employees are at communicating, and explaining limitations the better your reputation becomes.


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