English Courses For Companies And How To Set Expectations

English courses for companies can be as specific or as broad as you need them to be. Our approach to online corporate English courses incorporates your business goals and objectives into the curriculum to provide a truly customized learning experience✅ for your employees. The reason? Not everyone learns at the same pace, and some people in class might have previously studied English at some point in the past, and therefore have a leg-up on their coworkers. Everyone approaches learning differently, which is why we take a people centered, business focused ✅ approach with our corporate ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. By centering your employees, who will actually be learning in our corporate English courses, they are more likely to retain the information as it is relevant to their real-life jobs because the English they learn is business focused. Taught by expert instructors✅, our English courses for employees are remote and 100% LIVE with real time instruction✅ to provide the most convenient and successful online learning experience possible. So what kind of expectations do you need to set with your employees before class begins? And how long will it take for them to become fluent in English?


English courses for companies... Great! How long will it take for my employees to become fluent in English?

  • The length of English courses for companies depends on different factors

The answer is really dependant on a variety of different factors. Age is a big component, because older learners usually tend to be slower to learn a new language than younger ones. Some employees might have had some previous exposure to English training in the past, and therefore come into class with knowledge that others don't. Some employees could be illiterate in their own language, which can make learning a new language even more difficult. Without having a clear idea of your employees' level of English, we can't guarantee fluency. What we can guarantee is that even if your employees are coming to us with no knowledge of English whatsoever, they will have the vocabulary and the confidence to communicate at a higher level than when they began class.


  • English courses for companies is not a "one-size fits all" experience

English courses for companies is not a uniform experience because of the different factors listed above. Because everyone comes into a corporate English course at a different level, we must evaluate your employees to really understand their grasp of the English language before we can set expectations. When it comes to learning English as a Second Language (ESL) there are 8 levels, and each level generally takes between 120 - 150 hours or more of instruction. The different levels are as follows:

Level 1: Beginner

Very little to no understanding of English. This person might be able to their own name and address, but can only handle the most routine, entry level jobs that don't require oral or written English.

Level 2: Low Beginner

Responds only to learned phrases and requires slow & repeated instruction. They have a minimal understanding, and can recognize some letters and numbers but can only handle routine, entry-level jobs that are easily demonstrated.

Level 3: High beginner

Has some difficulty with immediate needs, but has an ability with learned phrases and sentences. Can handle simple entry-level jobs that involve the most basic reading and writing on a simple level.

Level 4: Low Intermediate

This person can satisfy basic survival needs and perform routine demands. They can understand simple phrases with familiar vocabulary and can interpret familiar topics. They will need some clarification but can handle entry-level jobs.

Level 5: High Intermediate

This person can satisfy basic survival needs and limited social demands, and can follow verbal directions. They can read familiar subjects and can handle any job that requires training and can follow verbal and basic written instructions and diagrams if they can be clarified.

Level 6: Advanced

professional skills, English courses for companiesThis person can satisfy basic survival needs and can understand a telephone conversation on familiar subjects. They can interpret simple charts, graphs, a payroll stub or complete an order form. They can handle jobs that require verbal and written instruction and can read a simply written employee handbook.

Level 7: High Advanced

This person can function independently in survival and work situations and can clarify general meaning. They can read and interpret non-simplified material on everyday subjects and could fill out a job application or write an incident report. They can perform reading and writing tasks and can interact with their coworkers with general ease.

Level 8: Proficient

This person can participate in social and familiar work situations and can interact in technical discussions in their field. They can read and write related to their role and can read and interpret most non-simplified materials like charts, graphs and labels. They can meet the demands of work with confidence and follow written instructions in work manuals and can work independently with no guidance.


So while we cannot guarantee proficiency in English, online language training for businesses can guarantee expert instruction that will improve your employees' level and help them become more confident at work.


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