How to turn Basic English into Business English

How to turn Basic English into Business English

Business English Course will help you advance your bilingual abilities to a professional level

Business English ProgramIf you want to become a business professional, understanding the language of the job is vital. Each career has a common language with words and phrases that are typically used throughout the office to communicate certain ideas more effectively. These words tend to have basic English equivalents, but in order to achieve your goal of becoming a business professional in an English speaking environment, it is best to familiarize yourself with workplace vocabulary. One way to do this is by taking a Business English Program. Business English Courses advance your bilingual abilities to a professional level, enhancing your presentation skills as well as strategies for negotiations and writing techniques. These words will help you with writing a resume, performing in an interview or workplace and allowing you to sound more qualified overall. Below are a few words and their professional counterparts to get you started on your path to sounding more professional when speaking.

Business English Training

Informal Professional
Showed Demonstrated
Started Implemented
Worked with… Collaborated
Watched Monitored
Made Developed
Kept Maintained
Made known… Publicized
Got used to… Adapted
Looked into… Analyzed
Completed Executed
Created Produced
Made better Enhanced
Fixed Modified
Considered Deliberated
Ordered Prioritized


Business English classesStudying business English
in a professional program opens up a new world to students. There is finally a place where they can feel comfortable learning with their bilingual colleagues, while being lead into the business world. The small class sizes surround you with people who have similar goals and aspirations. In just a few weeks, you will sound and look like a professional in all aspects. Learning advanced English refines your pronunciation and widens your business vocabulary, overall allowing you to have more job prospects and increase chances of employability. Interviews will become less intimidating and writing resumes will be less tedious. A Business English certificate, which you receive upon completion of such courses, will prove to your potential employer commitment as well as attest your capabilities.

Taking advanced English classes and being bilingual today in the business environment is an advantage. With the right business English training, you can be more attractive to employers than monolingual speakers, because of the skills acquired through speaking two languages. Studies show that people that are bilingual have a better memory, enhanced executive control, sustained attention and switching between tasks effectively. Businesses search for people who’ve acquired skills such as these because they can be hard to find. Business English programs will provide you with the language necessary to succeed in a company.

Perfect your English further with our Corporate Language Training solutions designed to train students how to use advanced English grammar, improve English pronunciation, business English for meetingsbusiness writing skills as well English public speaking skills, presentation skills and negotiation skills in English.

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