Laboratory Safety Starts With Communication

Laboratory safety refers to a lot of things. It can refer to the protocol for handling chemicals, operating heavy machinery and even communication. How we communicate with each other usually varies on the situation. But the primary goal is to relay a message, and ensure it was received in the manner intended. Certain things can make it more difficult to understand, especially in a working environment. As a business owner working in a laboratory, your main objective is to ensure worker safety. Like many other businesses, you probably have a goal to improve communication. But what if we told you that worker safety and communication aren't separate things? Here's how we can help...

3 ways we can improve laboratory safety and communication

1- Communication isn't a one size fits all

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Whether you hire ESL workers (who speak English as a Second Language) or not, all employees need to understand each other and be understood in return. We work to achieve that goal with you by developing an English Training class for associate, where we create a completely customized learning experience. For example, a worksite specific program that covers your protocols can incorporate elements of accent reduction. Because we understand that communication isn't a one-size-fits-all experience, and therefore neither are our classes. By allowing you to identify communication issues we are able to incorporate them into a program and provide you with the solutions you require.

2- Industry specific tools

The best place to start is the beginning. When working in a laboratory, there are certain terms, phrases, etc that need to be fundamentally understood. If a worker doesn't know how to properly identify a tool, how can they be expected to communicate to a site manager that it's broken, while in a loud environment? With industry specific English courses, we can give you the assurance that all your workers are starting on the same page with the essential knowledge to get the job done.

3- Communicating danger

You don't need associates to know everything, but in the event of an emergency they should have the vocabulary to explain what happened. If there is an incident at work, and paramedics arrive on the scene, can your employees communicate what happened? Do they have the vocabulary to explain that a glass beaker of a corrosive chemical exploded? By allowing us to provide online English training to your employees, you can rest assured that communication skills will be improved enough for emergent situations.

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