Language Classes For Employees & Safety In Landscaping

Language classes for employees don't have to start and end with traditional ESL (English as a Second Language). Giving you the freedom to customize our curriculum✅, we allow decision makers to create an online ESL course that actually works for you. There are so many good things that come from providing English courses for employees. But one of the biggest is peace of mind. As one of the most hazardous industries in the service sector, business owners and decision makers must consider the risks that come with the work. Contact with heavy machinery, exposure to the elements, electrical currents, slips or falls and working closely with hazardous materials come with the territory.

In fact, landscaping is one of the most hazardous industries in the service sector. According to the 2020 census bureau report, an average of 197 landscapers die from job-related injuries each year. Per 100,000 workers, there are approximately 25 deaths compared to the 3.8 for all industries. So, when 1 in 3 landscaping employees in the United States are foreign born, those decision makers have a lot more to consider by way of employee safety.

How can language classes for employees increase safety for landscapers?

1. Language classes for employees improves communication

Safety starts with good communication. The lines between effective communication and safety are intertwined in an industry like landscaping. What happens when your workers can't communicate with the guy on the roof holding a chainsaw? Safety protocol trainings and understanding industry terminology are hallmarks of our people centered, business focused✅ approach to English training. By centering your actual workers in language training courses, we meet your employees at their level of understanding English. And always remain focused on your business objectives- whatever they may be.

2. Language classes for employees gives your employees tools to use for life

On any given work site, there are multiple hazards that could cause injuries. English training for companies can introduce your employees to vocabulary they may have never come across before. By improving vocabulary for your ESL employees, they will use what they've learned in so many different situations to come. Knowing how to identify potential dangers, and how to talk to emergency responders are some of the things that come with ensuring safety.

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3. Language classes for employees is not a 1 size fits all

Understanding what your employees need and knowing how to give it to them are completely different things. English courses for employees can be whatever you need them to be. Maybe some ESL workers need to focus on pronunciation and others need to more focus on safety protocol. How do you choose? Thankfully, we don't make you choose. Private English training is an investment in your employees and the return comes back in a number of ways. Maybe they end up staying with your company longer, maybe you reduce the amount of accidents your company experiences. We know language classes for employees isn't the same for everyone and we hope you do too.

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