Remote Language Training for Healthcare Employees Is A Genius Move

Remote language training for healthcare employees is an underutilized tool that more hospitals should take advantage of. Most hospitals are looking for bilingual employees to fill administrative healthcare open positions. But most hospitals are not providing opportunities for them to receive language training for hospital staff. Out of the estimated 329.5 million people living in the United States, 44.9 million are estimated to be immigrants; 67% of whom report speaking little to no English, who are commonly referred to as Limited English Proficient (LEP). Whether citizen or not, everyone deserves quality medical care- regardless of where in the world you are, and what language you speak- e and everyone deserves equal language accessibility: the idea that language should be accessible to all because there is a fundamental right to understand and be understood. In the context of medical care, equal language accessibility looks like having a medical interpreter on site to translate appointments, having documentation translated into the patients' language, and more. To have bilingual administrative staff working in a hospital without providing corporate language training opportunities, is to waste money on interpreting services and prevent your staff from reaching their full potential and doing a disservice to the patients seeking medical care.



With Remote language training for healthcare employees, everyone wins 🏆 🥇 Here's how:



Remote language training for healthcare employees gives patients better service🏥🚑

Any reputable hospital puts the patient first, in every situation, without discrimination. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and even administrative staff have a duty to the patient first and foremost to do everything within their power to deliver the best care possible. For LEP (Limited English Proficient) patients, going to the hospital is a stressful experience because they cannot communicate effectively with the staff, in addition to their reason for seeking medical care. Especially in places like New York, California and Texas with large immigrant communities, online language training for administrative employees can avoid miscommunication✅  that during emergencies can mean the difference between life and death. By online language training in NY, administrative healthcare employees can help to provide better service to these patients.



Give employees career skills for life with remote language training for healthcare employees👩🏻‍🏫📚

When you invest in your employees, everyone wins. Since most hospitals prefer bilingual Remote language training for healthcare employeesadults to fill administrative positions, it makes natural sense for hospitals invest in their existing employees and give them skills for life, for everyone's benefit. Employees who understand their employer is invested in them tend to stay longer and get more fulfillment out of their roles. Should the day come when they find employment elsewhere, they will be able to use professional skills training in other positions at other companies for the rest of their lives. All of our employee language training courses are and 100% customizable✅ and people centered, business focused- meeting your employees where they are at while meeting your specific business goals.



Hospitals save time and money with remote language training for healthcare employees⏰💸

Most hospitals spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year contracting medical interpreters to LEP patients. Apart from the cost of having someone on-call, it can take months to find someone in the area who can arrive at the hospital when needed. Especially during medical emergencies, every second matters. Providing corporate sponsored language training for administrative medical employees saves critical time and money by paying admin staff AND contractor salaries. What is more important, is avoiding costly lawsuits✅ that arise from misunderstandings due to language barriers.



Online English training classes for employees allows employers to take our curriculum and tailor it to every business need. Our online curriculum is taught by professionals via LIVE video conference technology✅ as well as our onsite program. English language training is also offered on-site and can be tailored to any industry. Group English classes is a great resource to use when you want to improve upon or teach employees a new skill. Whether that involves teaching one or a few employees English, or professional skills training like leadership training- we have the solutions to fit all of your needs. Our highly engaging In-Person English Training for employees and interactive Corporate English classes online with live native-speaking teachers are easy to access from wherever you are. We offer Real-Time Private and Group Corporate English Training. Get a Free Quote for your Industry Specific Onsite or Online English Classes for Companies.

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