Silly Mistakes Students Make in English Classes Online

Silly Mistakes Students Make in English Classes Online

We all know what it is like to sit in a zoom class with a nice shirt on while also wearing sweatpants. It is so common now that it is practically a requirement for English classes online. But what are the mistakes that will draw attention during company English training online?

Thinking in Another Language During English Classes Online

English classes online will feel foreign at first. Not only are remote classes a change, but language classes change the way you think. At first, you will have to learn English by thinking in another language. However, the longer you do this the more mistakes will happen, such as inverting words for adjectives. The best online language courses will encourage you to think in a second language to get used to grammar.

Speaking Too Fast During English Classes Online

If you speak too quickly, you might make grammar mistakes during English classes online. Things like adding an “s” to an uncountable noun might come up. For example, you cannot have two coffees, you have two cups of coffee. These slip-ups happen while you learn English online, and they will happen more often while students new to the language feel like they need to rush while speaking.

Not Speaking During English Classes Online

On the other hand, English classes online are still you most important time to learn and make mistakes. We all grow from our mistakes, and learning to think and talk on the fly is an important element of English online for companies. You might not ever get caught with your literal pants down during Zoom class. But the best online English courses teach you that it is okay to make mistakes in front of other people if it means you are learning.


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