Employee English Courses Should Be Your Company Resolution

Employee English courses should never be one size fits all. Every employee learns at a different pace, and requires a different approach when learning new information. Some retain information better when it is demonstrated and others need to write something out or explain it themselves to achieve understanding. There is neither a "right way" nor a "wrong way" there are just differences, and they are all valid. So when decision makers and leaders sit down to formulate new goals for their employees, it is important to have a good understanding of how they each learn.

Especially when creating goals and development plans, leaders need to take their employees capabilities into consideration. Making sure that goals are attainable and that they have clear methods of tracking progress is essential. So as we move through the new year, why do you need to incorporate employee English courses into your company goals? What kinds of language training goals can you set for employees today?

3 reasons to incorporate employee English courses into your company goals

1. Employee English courses create good communication

Especially for ESL associates (those who speak English as a Second Language) communication can be a struggle. For example, ESL workers for construction businesses might mishear directions. But they may not have the confidence to ask for clarification. Not only does this cause a problem with coworkers, but it compromises safety. Good communication is the foundation upon which success is built. ESL workers have so much to contribute to the workforce, but it is up to decision makers to set them up for success. Company leaders are obligated to create a safe workplace, which includes providing essential trainings. Language training can even improve your workplace culture!

2. Employee English courses are customizable to your business needs

Our language courses for companies are customizable to your needs✅. After evaluating your employees english proficiency, we work with you to develop a curriculum that is people centered, business focused ✅. By centering your associates, we meet them where they are at in their journey to learn English. Our expert instructors ✅ work at their pace and level to improve their English through remote English training that is 100% LIVE through video chat. All the while, English courses for companies will remain focused on your business objectives. Some of your business needs could be covered in our professional skills trainings like:

and so much more!

3. Improve diversity and inclusion with employee English courses

Diversity and inclusion trainings are essential for every company. The last thing anyone wants is to create a hostile working environment. The great thing about our diversity and inclusion training is that it is for everyone. Every employee has unique talents and perspectives that are beneficial to any company. But ensuring your workers are safe goes beyond safety trainings sometimes.

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