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Associate English Training Could Be Free For IL Businesses

Associate English training is a fantastic opportunity for your employees, and your business! And if your business is located in Illinois (IL) state, it could even be free. And by "free" we mean your company wouldn't have to pay for it. Like everything in life, the training comes with a cost, but you could use publicly available funding to finance it. How's that for business savvy?!
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ESL For Businesses Located In NY Could Be FREE

Providing ESL for businesses can open so many doors for your associates, and your company in general. For associates enrolled in English as a Second Language classes, they will be learn language skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile your business will save money in the long run, and lower turnover rates. Over the years, countless studies have proven that employees are more likely to remain employed with companies that provide learning and development opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2023 report, the United States average annual turnover rate is 47% - where 20% is considered high. Additionally, over 4 million U.S employees leave their job each month, 70% of which is voluntary, and 1 in 3 of those who quit did not even have a job lined up. When the cost of replacing a singular employee ranges from .5 - 2 times their annual salary, businesses everywhere should be seriously considering any initiative that can improve employee satisfaction.
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Workforce ESL Class & Getting FREE Employee Training In MA

Workforce ESL class is a tool that company owners and leaders can use to teach employees how to speak English as a Second Language (ESL) or how to improve. Most language training companies out there only offer standard English training, that is self-taught through a book or pre-recorded videos. And that is fine, but it most likely won't provide the return on investment you are looking for. Which is a good thing, because we aren't most companies. We believe every company, every associate and every industry have different needs when it comes to online language training courses. Some may need ESL employees to improve their writing skills for their marketing jobs, while others require ESL for construction workers that focuses on safety trainings. By providing fully a fully customized language training experience, we remain focused on your business objectives while centering the needs of your associates enrolled in the course. Whether that is through our professional skills programs or a corporate ESL course that is industry specific or something else you require. The best part? You might be able to offer employee ESL without spending company money...
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Is Business English the Key to Corporate Viability?

Do Employees Need Business English?

Anyone with experience in a corporate setting will know that the predominant language of business is English. However, many employees lack the appropriate level of business English proficiency to succeed while working remotely. Luckily, corporate English language training can solidify your company’s global presence while also teaching employees a...
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