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Employee ESL Enhances OSHA Training In 3 Ways

Employee ESL- or English as a Second Language- is a huge benefit to both foreign born employees and their employers; especially the manual labor industry jobs like construction, manufacturing and warehousing. Our ESL classes for companies are offered online AND on-site which gives you flexibility and are 100% customizable to any field. Industry specific English training  is imperative of manual labor occupations as these are among the top industries where ESL learners find employment. Language barriers with foreign-born workers in these fields can pose a serious risk to employees and employers. Employee English training especially when administered in conjunction with OSHA training can yield better results and peace of mind for employers and improve confidence in their employees. OSHA- or The Occupational Safety and Health Administration- estimates that language barriers contribute 25% of all workplace accidents. The good news is employers can take action to reduce that number with customized English language training that is provided to employees along with their OSHA training:
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Employee English Training Can Benefit Warehouse Workers & Employers

Employee English training is a useful tool for many businesses that rely on manual labor. With a large portion of workers immigrating from other countries, fields like construction, manufacturing and warehousing, corporate English training for employees is a necessary part of onboarding. Employees who speak English as a Second Language (ESL) will benefit from small-group or individual ESL classes can be customized to your specific business objectives. Ensuring your employees can effectively communicate benefits employer and employees alike; because setting them up for success means your business is set up to prosper. Everybody wins! But how do you get the most out of language training online? How does employee English training benefit your company?
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