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Remote Language Training for Healthcare Employees Is A Genius Move

Remote language training for healthcare workers is an underutilized tool that more hospitals should take advantage of. Most hospitals are looking for bilingual employees to fill administrative healthcare open positions. But most hospitals are not providing opportunities for them to receive language training for hospital staff. Out of the estimated 329.5 million people living in the United States, 44.9 million are estimated to be immigrants; 67% of whom report speaking little to no English, who are commonly referred to as Limited English Proficient (LEP). Whether citizen or not, everyone deserves quality medical care- regardless of where in the world you are, and what language you speak- e and everyone deserves equal language accessibility: the idea that language should be accessible to all because there is a fundamental right to understand and be understood. In the context of medical care, equal language accessibility looks like having a medical interpreter on site to translate appointments, having documentation translated into the patients' language, and more. To have bilingual administrative staff working in a hospital without providing corporate language training opportunities, is to waste money on interpreting services and prevent your staff from reaching their full potential and doing a disservice to the patients seeking medical care.
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Language Training For Hospital Employees & 3 Benefits for Hospitals

Language training for hospital employees is one of the smartest decisions hospitals can make in modern times. Having an employee on-site, or a bilingual staff interpreter who can handle all of your language requests is not only a convenience but a necessity for most hospitals. A bilingual staff interpreter refers to person who gets hired by a company to interpret conversations and translate documents. When it comes to training, no company can provide too much. Incorporating your needs and requests into the curriculum is our speciality, as all programs feature customizable language training  to meet your needs as a hospital business owner. We recognize that every hospital and every person is unique in their needs and learning styles- which is why we offer decision makers the freedom to customize our curriculum. Private, small group classes allow your employees to get comfortable wherever you need to host class; whether it's with our webinar style online classes or our private on-site language training for medical employees, we have options. Having a bilingual medical interpreter on-site to handle all of your language requests is becoming essential to many hospitals- so what are some of the benefits?
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