5 Benefits of English Public Speaking Course for employees on-site

Why Your Employees Need an English Public Speaking Course

English Public Speaking Skills TrainingIf you are not a native speaker of English, presentations in the workplace can be quite a challenge. However, English public speaking and presentation skills can be taught and learned!

There are many language service companies in the US and abroad that offer Corporate English Training courses. But very few of them offer English Training courses specially customized for your wants and needs, such as the Language Connections English Public Speaking Course for Non-native Speakers of English.

5 Reasons Why Your Employees Need an English Public Speaking Course

Public speaking in a corporate environment is about connecting with clients and coworkers.  The stakes are higher than public speaking outside of your job.  You’re representing yourself and your company. To improve your public speaking skills in English, choose a professional English language training company that offers English public speaking programs.

Here are 5 benefits of enrolling in a Corporate ESL (English as a Second Language) program.

1. Employees will face and overcome their fears of speaking English in public

It is inevitable that you will feel stressed before a public speech—it’s one of the most common human fears. Enrolling in a corporate English Language training program can help you minimize the anxiety of speaking English in public by teaching you how to properly write, structure and deliver your speech.  You can ease some of your anxiety by building skills you know you can be confident in.

2. Employees will improve their accent

After participating in an English public speaking class, you will be able to notice a significant improvement in employees’ accent reduction, pronunciation, intonation and word stress.

3. Employees will communicate more effectively

With the assistance of a Business English Training program, they will learn to express their opinion in a business manner and to present and support their views in a professional way.

4. Employees will become more engaging

Obviously engaging the audience during a public speech is an integral part of an effective presentation in English. A classroom environment is one of the best places for practicing this skill, all while gaining new strategies and tactics that you may be lacking if you try to learn them on your own.

5. Employees will be able to deal with challenging situations

As they learn tips for speaking English in public, employees will train in how to gracefully deal with unexpected situations and how to do awkward things like address the elephant in the room.  Knowing they can do this will give employees more confidence and, in turn, make you feel more confident in them as they represent your company.


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