Celebrating Valentines Day Around The World

Celebrating Valentines Day in the United States typically consists of the standard dinner date, and maybe some flowers, chocolates, jewelry and cards. These hallmarks of the holiday aren't necessarily wrong or go unappreciated, they are just tried-and-true and expected. The thing about Valentines day being a holiday, makes people save their affection and expressing their feelings for February 14th, and on the 15th it's back to business as usual. Showing your love and expressing genuine feelings, unfortunately, is not something that everyone is taught how to do. And yet, so many of us enter romantic relationships assuming the other person knows our feelings without communicating them. Corporate English classes may be able to help there, but this phenomenon is experienced world-wide, not just in North America. In fact, other countries around the world celebrate this day of romance in other ways...


Celebrating Valentines Day in South Korea🇰🇷

In South Korea, the 14th day of every month- commonly known as "Love Days"- means Valentines Day is a year long celebration for expressing our feelings. In South Korea, there is always something to celebrate:

  • Valentines Day (February 14) only women give their partners gifts, usually sentimental in nature.
  • White day (March 14th) men have their turn giving a gift to their lady following the rule of 3: a gift from a man must be 3x the value of their Valentine's gift (sorry guys).
  • Black Day (April 14) is reserved for all the single ladies and their friends, to get together and complain about the woes of being single while enjoying a bowl of Jjajyangmyeon (Black Noodles).
  • Rose Day or Yellow Day (May 14) Single people wear yellow and eat yellow currycouple celebrating Valentines day in south koreawhile making resolutions to find a lover at long last. While lovers gift each other roses.
  • Kiss Day (June 14) Single people beware: lovers will be kissing in public.
  • Silver Day (July 14) Lovers exchange gifts of silver while making promises.
  • Green Day (August 14) Lovers go on nature walks, while single people can be spotted drinking 소주 (Soju – a Korean alcoholic spirit that comes in green bottles).
  • Photo Day (September 14) Lovers take photos together and share with friends and family.
  • Wine Day (October 14) Lovers enjoy wine, and single people drink away their sorrows.
  • Movie Day (November 14) Lovers enjoy romantic movies together.
  • Hug Day (December 14) Lovers hug to keep each other warm during cold months.
  • Diary Day (January 14) Diaries and planners are gifted to lovers and friends to ring in the New Year.


Celebrating Valentines Day in The Philippines 🇵🇭

A recently developed tradition in the Philippines is state-sponsored mass weddings. You read that right! Hundreds of couples gather in Manila, the Philippine capital city. The local government pays for the cost of the reception, flower bouquets and even wedding cakes, stating that the ceremonies are an effective way to help strapped-for-cash couples make their unions official.

Celebrating Valentines Day in Estonia 🇪🇪

In Estonia February 14 is friends day, so don't be surprised if your neighbor gives you a card on Valentine's Day. Really taking care so single people don't feel left out, everyone is a winner exchanging gifts with family members and friends. They even encourage single people to take a ride on the Love Bus- a school bus that drives single people around the city center designed for single people to find a date.


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